Getting in an accident can be traumatic no matter how severe the actual crash. Once it’s over, it’s time to think about repair. Choosing the right auto body shop that is not only honest, but will do a good job is imperative. Consider these four things when choosing your auto body shop to ensure good work is done that gets your car back on the road in the same or better condition than it was before the accident.

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Look at Customers

If you know anyone who has gone to a certain auto body shop, ask them how their experience was and if they would recommend the service. If you don’t know anyone, you can always do a search online, looking for past customers of a few different businesses. Yelp and Google Reviews are a great way to see what other’s have experienced. Who wouldn’t choose a shop with a 4.5 review rating over one with 3.1?

Independent Shops vs Consolidators

There’s a big difference between the shops you see on every corner and the shops that have only a few locations in total. In addition to cost, there are other things to consider. Because of consolidator’s high overhead and commitment to gross profit goals, their priorities are to the bottom line and not always necessarily to what’s best for your vehicle. This way they are able to get as many cars in as possible, making up the cost. Take this into consideration when making your decision.

With independent shops, it’s not uncommon for the business owner to be there. Because of this, the shop is able to go directly to management, getting deals and additional help for the customers. As he is the main decision maker of the business, he’s able to make these decisions that consolidator shop workers might not be able to make.

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Get More Than One Estimate

In many situations, an auto body shop will give you a free estimate on your car. Don’t hesitate to get more than one estimate. Find out what the body shop can do for you, what kind of parts they use, and the quality of their work. This should all factor into your decision of body shop, not just the total cost.

Ask About the Warranty

Not every collision repair shop will warranty their work. Make sure you ask beforehand whether or not the body shop of your choice warranties the work. Choose a shop that warranties both the body and paint work they do. A lifetime warranty is one way to see a shop is serious about their work and believes that it will last.

After a car accident, choosing the right body shop is essential. Consider these four things before choosing a shop, ensuring you’ll get your car back to what it was before the accident.