Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an appointment?

No, at Unique Auto Body an estimator will always be available from 6 am to 6 pm, Monday through Friday, sometimes even longer!

How long does an estimate take?

Our highly trained estimators will only need 10-15 minutes to determine exactly what your car needs and what the cost to you will be. What you see on your ticket at the conclusion of the estimate is what you’ll get! No added costs or unnecessary services.

Do you work with my insurance?

Yes, we work with all insurance agencies to make the process easier for you.

Will my car be the same as before the accident?

Absolutely! Technology today is so advanced that we can duplicate anything done in the factory–whether it’s lining up the same welds to other exact fittings. If it doesn’t look the way it did before the accident, our lifetime warranty allows you to bring it back in!

Can you color match my specialty paint?

Yes, our color match system ensures the paint will match between tinting!

Do you use aftermarket parts?

We generally stick with what’s in your insurance policy; if aftermarket parts are in your insurance plan we will make an effort to get original parts for your car. If your insurance doesn’t cover original parts, the car companies we work with allow us to price match with the aftermarket parts for a better fit for your car.

While my car is in your shop, can you do other services?

We specialize in collision repair and have mechanic services related to car problems associated with collisions–including AC, motor, glass repair and more. We’ll also be happy to fix-up a scratch in a different location of the vehicle while your vehicle is being serviced.

Our Locations

Midvale Location

798 West Center Street
Midvale, Ut 84047
Ph: 801-556-0791
Fax: 801-568-6765

South Jordan Location

11521 So. Redwood Rd
South Jordan, Ut 84095
Ph: 801-302-0966
Fax: 801-302-0969

Saratoga Springs Location

2178 N Stagecoach Drive
Saratoga Springs, Ut 84045
Ph: 801-766-1134
Fax: 801-766-1655

American Fork Location

221 S 500 E St.
American Fork, Ut 84003
Ph: 801-492-5000

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