Many vehicles are brought into Unique Auto Body shops that other places might say are beyond repair . We like to think that almost every car is worth saving. Recently, a customer brought in a 2013 Jeep Wrangler Sahara. We documented the project with some photos from start to finish. Read on to see how we got this beautiful car back on the road!

jeep stage 1

How  Bad Is It?

When this vehicle came in, we saw that the frame was beyond repair so we knew we would have to do an entire frame-swap. Trucks and Jeeps use complete frames so essentially, the entire frame of the car is in one piece. This meant that we had to take the entire frame off everything underneath including the engine and body of the car.

jeep stage 2

How Do You Do That?

Unique Auto Body is special in the sense that we have the ability to do jobs like this on-site. Many other places do not have the tools or the expertise to do this labor-intensive of a project. Because of this our turn around time tends to be much lower. The picture shows the process of pulling the two apart. Once the suspension, brake lines, fuel lines, and transmission were disconnected, we obtained a new frame. Then we added the motor and suspension to the new frame. Because the airbags had also been discharged during the crash, we needed to replace and install them as well. Our technicians are qualified to mend the damages that most often happen from car accidents.

Start to finish this project took the team about 15 working days. Unique’s quick turnover time allows the customer to get back in their car sooner rather than later.

Our technicians are able to take a car that looks like this:

jeep original damage

Rip it apart:

jeep in teardown

And have it looking like new in no time:

jeep complete

If you have a job that seems hopeless, bring it into Unique Auto Body and we’ll be happy to get your car back on the road and better than before! Give us a call at any of our three locations!