It’s tailgate season. No, not the irritating tailgating you find on I-15 every day. Football tailgating. You’ve been waiting for it since the last snap of the 2015 season, and are ready for what the year brings. Speaking of bringing things, is your truck loaded with a ready-to-go tailgating kit? What about a cooler. Whether you bleed Utah red or BYU blue, these quick tailgating tips are for you. It’s a guaranteed touchdown.

Ever went to flip your burger without a spatula? No? Well, congratulations to you on not forgetting it. For those forgetful types (or the extra prepared), back a toolbox with all the essentials and never leave home without your tailgating staples.

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Main Compartment

  • spatulas
  • bottle openers
  • tongs
  • can opener
  • toothpicks
  • wooden skewers
  • basting brush
  • mini flashlight

Middle Compartment

  • trash bags
  • paper towels
  • wet wipes
  • hand sanitizer
  • sunscreen
  • poncho
  • plastic zip bags
  • Sharpie
  • Masking tape

Bottom Drawer

  • spices
  • favorite condiments & seasonings
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Pack It Right!

Because everybody loves a smashed sandwich and a warm Coke. Pack your cooler up right and stay organized. Your food will thank you, and so will your fellow tailgaters. You wouldn’t want your crew to turn on you, would you?

At The Bottom

  • include bottles, cans, and anything frozen
  • chill everything first.
  • pour a layer of ice over the drink and everything at the bottom
  • Note: Freeze water bottles and use as ice. It’ll Keep your food cool, and you’ve got something to drink when everything else is gone.

At The Top

  • bagged items and softer items (i.e. sandwiches, fresh fruit)
  • Store bagged items in water-tight, re-usable containers
  • place all bag items on an upper ice layer, separated from drinks