Have you ever wondered how an auto body shop takes a twisted piece of metal and turns it back into a car?

It takes a lot of effort and a drive to do it the right way. When a car is crumpled up after a crash, Unique Auto Body follows I-Car Gold standards to return the car to pre-collision condition without compromising the structural integrity of the car’s frame. Our number one goal is to get you back behind the wheel of a fully restored vehicle, back to pre-collision condition. There is a wrong way and a right way to do this.

The Right Way

We pull the car into a roughly square shape using Hydraulic Post Towers using a tram gauge to get rough measurements. Once the car is back to square and structural integrity is intact…

  • we cut out the section of the car that is affected by the collision and weld new parts in following I-CAR GOLD standards, returning the cart to pre-collision condition.

This process is guided by laser and computer aided measurements– true up measurements to original equipment manufacturer standards (OEM).

Why Would Someone Not Do It That Way

Pulling the car with Hydraulic Post Towers is absolutely the best way to pull a car back to it’s original form in order to ensure structural integrity before cutting out pieces to replace. But there are collision centers that may choose to cut corners and not use this process. They might skip this step for various reasons:

  • Time. It takes longer and in turn costs more.
  • The shop is not big enough to have the machine.
  • It costs thousands of dollars a year to train staff and get certified every year for I-Car Gold standards.
  • A lot of shops don’t use electronic and laser sensors, resulting in only rough measurements leading to less accuracy.

Reasons Why Unique Uses Hydraulic Post Towers

Unique Auto Body has a lifetime warranty on all repairs. We only get paid to do the repairs once, so we’re all about getting the job done right the first time. In addition to wanting to get the job done right the first time, every one working on this kind of work at Unique is Gold Class I-CAR , which dictates how to pull, cut out and weld different cars and materials to get them back to OEM.

Each insurance company we partner with requires this to be the standard, and we pride ourselves in delivering quality collision repair services to each and every client.

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