In the automotive repair industry, a Direct Repair Program, also known as a DRP is a relationship that is formed between an insurance company and an auto body shop. When an insurance agent is working with someone whose vehicle has been damaged, they will give suggestions of auto body shops to their clients.

While the consumer has the right to choose where they take their vehicle, a DRP can be beneficial to insurance carriers, auto body shops, and the consumer. Take a look at some of the advantages that a DRP provides to each of these groups, and what it means for you.

Insurance Carrier Advantage

For insurance carriers, it becomes easier to dispatch estimate requests to the shops that are already part of the network. In addition to this, insurance companies are able to seek out the shops they trust, giving customers a list of potential shops. While insurance companies may have shops on their DRP, consumers have the final decision on where they take their vehicle. If a shop is outside the DRP, you can still take it there.

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Collision Repair Shop Advantages

For collision repair shops, being part of a DRP program gets their name in front of potential customers. Through these programs, customers may find shops that otherwise wouldn’t have been found, making a decision from there. A shop that is part of an insurance company’s DRP has had their credentials checked by the insurance company. This establishes trust between the potential customer and the auto body shop. While it is illegal to steer work, auto body shops on a DRP may see more customers.

Consumer Advantages

For consumers, it can be difficult to choose where to take your vehicle after an accident. There are some shops out there that will rip you off, using cheap parts and raising the cost. Choosing an auto body shop on your insurance’s DRP is a good start in choosing a credible shop, but it isn’t the only factor that matters. Find out more about the company, from Google Reviews to more in depth research. You may find that the better shop is one that’s off the DRP of your insurance carrier.

A DRP is a great resource, but it shouldn’t make you feel like you have to go to auto body shops on the list. Do your research for the shops on the DRP as well as some off. This will help you make an informed decision about your automotive repair and the shop that will best fit your needs.