It seems like new cities in Utah are cropping up everywhere and then exploding into huge hubs of activity, business, and more! We knew we had to take advantage of that growth, which is why we opened an office in Saratoga Springs. Saratoga is in a great location (only 5-10 minutes from several highways), has excellent growth potential, and was desperately in need of an auto body shop. What better excuse for us to head out there?

As the new kids on the block, we thought we’d compile a quick list of all the excellent things Saratoga Springs has to offer. That way, when you come visit us to get your car repaired, you can potentially kill a few birds with one stone. Food? Shopping? Outdoor activites? Let’s just say we’re glad to have settled out here.

Your Definitive Guide to Saratoga Springs


smoothered burrito

Cafe El Lago

Cafe El Lago was one of the first restaurants out in Saratoga, and it’s definitely a local favorite. This authentic Mexican restaurant offers delicious salsa and chips for free, and boasts of big portions smothered in house-made sauces. Give it a try just off of State Road 73!

Panda Express

Who doesn’t love this classic Chinese favorite? I mean, have you tried that Orange Chicken?

Kneaders Cafe and Bakery

If you’ve never been to Kneaders, you’re missing out on some delicious house-made bread, amazingly fresh salads, and a very diverse dessert selection. Kneaders is just down the street from our office!

coffee creations

Coffee Creations

Coffee Creations doesn’t have too many locations here in Utah, so we’re lucky they decided to head out to Saratoga and bless us with their coffee. Check out their menu and get yourself a little pick-me-up while you wait for us to finish fixing your car!

seans smokehouse

Sean’s Smokehouse

This BBQ is to die for. Everything is smoked, marinated, and prepared in-house. You can taste the authenticity in their southern-style comfort food.


Won Won Wok

Want Asian food outside of the chain restaurant sphere? Check out Won Won Wok for a tasty alternative.


Celestial Daycare

So you’ve got a bunch of errands to run, right? Make it a little easier on yourself by trusting the licensed professionals at this fun and cozy day care.

Liberty Tax

Seriously, this is such an easy way to multi-task. Need to get yours or your family’s eyes checked? Need a new pair of glasses? Alpine Vision has you covered.

Alpine Vision

It’s tax season alright. And you can feel comfortable knowing that you won’t have to deal with crazy wait times with this local office.

allure nails

Allure Nails

As long as you’re treating yourself, you should get your nails done. This salon will treat you right and help you feel relaxed with their complimentary massage.

young family dental

Young Family Dental

This Utah-based dentist’s office has a few locations across the valleys. It doesn’t matter which one you go to, because you’ll always get excellent service at each!


Innovations Dance Academy

Might as well sign up for a dance class while you’re here!

talons cove golf course

Talons Cove Golf Course

This golf course is one of Saratoga Springs’ main attractions. Spacious and near the lake, you could probably spend all day here. Actually, you should probably not go to the golf course while running other errands…

hot springs

Hot Springs

Have you heard about the hot springs just off of 1300 south in Saratoga Springs? They’re particularly nice on a clear, cool night. Only a short walk away from the parking lot, you can get out in nature and enjoy a late-night hot spring!

legacy rec center

Legacy Center

Every city has a rec center, but does every city have a rec center with a slide that goes outside the building? This rec center might be just outside of Saratoga Springs, but let’s be real, it’s worth the short drive. Check it out here.

You know, as we were making this list we realized there’s even more to do in Saratoga Springs than we thought. We’ve been here for a few years and we are still discovering things to do. We’re really glad that Unique Auto Body gets to be a part of the community out here in Saratoga Springs, but we also have two other locations in South Jordan and Midvale. We’ve worked hard to make ourselves available in different parts of Utah so you can get your car repaired quickly and efficiently. So just give us a call at 801-766-1134 for all of your auto body needs!