As the holidays draw closer, we are all looking for opportunities to do service. There are so many people in need each year, and this year we were so happy that we got to help someone out!

In 2017, Progressive is celebrating five years of honoring veterans through the Keys to Progress program.

Every November, they host this one-day vehicle giveaway event for veterans at Progressive Service Centers and other locations across the United States. With this year’s giveaway, they will have donated more than 500 vehicles to veterans and veteran organizations.

Progressive sees the need in our communities to provide transportation support to military men and women facing tough circumstances in life – from difficult personal and family health needs to excessive rent burdens, unemployment and homelessness. One of Progressive’s Core Values is the Golden Rule. The Keys to Progress program is one way we put that into action and give back to people who’ve given so much for our country. (Source:

Partners In Service

Unique Auto Body is excited to announce that for Veteran’s Day we got to partner with Progressive Auto Insurance to provide a car for a Utah veteran!

This year’s veteran is a single father whose car was unfortunately totaled earlier this year. His daughter was in need of medical attention from a hospital in Boise, but because his car was not working they weren’t sure what to do. Thanks to Progressive, Unique Auto Body was able to help this veteran get back on the road, and his daughter the attention she needed.

Check out some of the images we took of the event with Progressive!