Creating a 72-hour kit for your car is essential. You never know when an emergency situation will make this kit vital to you. While putting together your own kit, it can be easy to forget some items, sometimes the most important ones. We know the essentials like food, water, and first aid supplies, but what about those less common yet just as crucial items? Check out these must have items for your 72-hour kit and incorporate them in your planning to ensure you’ll be prepared when it matters most.


If you take any medications, make sure at least three day’s worth is in your 72-hour kit. You should update this supply on a regular basis, taking out the old medication before it becomes expired. Use the medications from the car and rotate through when necessary. This will ensure that even in an emergency situation, you will have what you need medically.

Sturdy Footwear

For those who wear high heels or flip flops on a regular basis, keeping a pair of sturdy shoes in your 72-hour car kit is essential. Don’t forget to include a nice pair of socks as well. In an emergency situation, it will be easier to move quickly with the right shoes, keeping you safe.

Pet Supplies

If you have a pet, your 72-hour kit should include supplies for your pet. This includes water, food, and a leash. If you need, you should be able to leave at a seconds notice, taking your pet with you. There are some foods that both you and your dog can eat such as instant rice and precooked canned chicken. Invest in these foods for an easy resource.


Include a basic tool kit in your pack. This should be small enough to keep the pack light and easy to carry, but enough to be useful when needed. Along with the tool kit pack matches, a headlamp, and a can opener for use.

Each of these items, while seeming simple, will be vital in your 72-hour car kit. Prepare this today to ensure your safety should an emergency situation arise while you are away from home.