Winter has passed (hopefully?), and it’s time to start thinking about spring. The flowers are beginning to bloom and trips to the lake and mountains will begin shortly. It’s easy to remember your fishing gear (and hopefully the family) as you make your way to up one of the many beautiful canyons in Utah, but if you leave without your car ready for spring, your day-trip or mini vacation could be busted. Before you set off, remember to prepare your car for spring weather.

Time For A Fluids Check

No, this isn’t where you ask your kids if they’ve went to the restroom before you set out. We’re talking about oil, wiper fluid, and other oils essential to a well-running vehicle. Winter weather puts enough strain on your car and use of fluids– it’s a great idea to schedule an oil or change (or do it yourself). While you’re getting the oil change, have your service technician check your wiper fluid and oil filter. They’ll give you their recommendations– we suggest you listen to them.

Replace Your Wiper Blades

Have you ever not replaced your wiper blades after years and years of use? Functionality in winter is poor, let alone during heavy spring showers. The truth is, wiper blades aren’t meant to last a lifetime. It can very geographically, but don’t expect your wiper blades to last much longer than a year in Utah.

Check Your Battery

It’s not just the exterior the winter does a number on. Internally, the battery generally takes a huge hit during the coldest parts of winter. Make sure to check your battery, or charging system for functionality and reliability. Check that it is securely mounted, clean, and corrosion free. A battery’s average lifespan is five years– if you’ve had yours that amount of time, or longer, we strongly consider having it replaced.

Fix Impurities In The Windshield

You may not have full cracks, but that doesn’t mean you’ve avoided small chips and impurities in your windshield. If you drive the I-15 every day, your chances of getting hit by debris and rocks is great, and a close examination of your windshield is in order. Small cracks can generally be filled with adhesive resin at your local automotive repair shop. Doing this will prevent the crack spreading and deepening. Larger, more obvious cracks may require more work or full windshield replacement.

Don’t ignore a windshield crack or chip. Leaving it can decrease the the effectiveness of airbags, seat belts, roof stability, and threaten your overall safety.

Check Your Tires

Your tires take a severe beating during the winter from ice, snow, and debris. Carefully examine your tires for cracks from debris and small objects, such as a nail, in the rubber. Schedule any necessary repairs. Check for worn tread. The average tire lasts 3 – 4 years depending on use (average use is between 12k and 15k miles a year). If the tread is worn down, replace your tires.

Your spring day trip will go a lot smoother when your car is in tip-top shape. Your safety and well-being is, after all, your number goal. Unique Collision Repair Centers are proud to assist you with you collision needs. Since we started in 1963, it’s been our pleasure to get you back in your car as soon as possible. Give us a call with any questions, or schedule an appointment at one of our three Utah locations today.