Getting into an accident can be a traumatic and sometimes unsettling event. You may have heard horror stories of what happens following an accident, but while some things may be accurate, there are an abundance of myths that are not only frightening, but just not true. Learn to identify the most common myths about auto body repair, preparing yourself for the process.

damaged door on car

Myth 1: Insurance Companies Choose Which Auto Body Shop You Visit

While your insurance company will refer you to a shop or a few shops on their Direct Repair Program (DRP), you as the automobile owner have the right to take your vehicle where you want. In addition to this, if the shop you choose is more expensive than the quote given by your insurance company, the insurance carrier must negotiate in good faith with the shop, reaching an agreed upon cost.

hinge pillar damage

Myth 2: Only the Dealer Can Repair My Car Back to What It Was

There is a common misconception that only car dealers can restore your car to what it was before an accident. While you want OEM parts whenever possible, the dealer isn’t the only place that will use these necessarily. Depending on what is outlined in your insurance policy, you may be looking at aftermarket parts. Find a repair shop that will make an effort to price match with dealers, getting you OEM parts even when you policy doesn’t necessarily cover it. Become familiar with your insurance policy now, if possible get OEM parts covered.

car on frame machine

Myth 3: My Insurance Company Will Cover Any Damage to My Car

There are different types of car insurance. these range in both price and coverage, including:

  • liability
  • collision
  • comprehensive
  • personal injury protection
  • uninsured motorist protection

Know which type of policy you have, and what kind of protection this offers you. If you have liability insurance, you may not have the full coverage you expect.

dent on door

Myth 4: After a Car Has Been in an Accident it Will Never be the Same

While a vehicle may be badly damaged in an accident, a good collision repair center has the knowledge and resources to get your car back to its previous condition. This includes not only safety and functioning, but the aesthetics of your vehicle as well. Your car can be the same as it was before the accident.

car after repair

Myth 5: If I Go to an Auto Body Shop Other Than What My Insurance Recommends, they Won’t Warranty the Work

The fact is, insurance companies don’t warranty the work, the auto body repair shops do. Make sure you choose a shop that warranties their work for the life of the vehicle.